Hailing from a small town in the south of Brazil with over ten years’ experience as a wedding, commercial and lifestyle photographer, Fabio Oliveira uses his photographic skills to create a collection of meaningful and unique images which capture the heart of every occasion.

Fabio’s passion lies in shooting genuine projects, ones which tell stories of people who truly love each other and who let their emotions flow naturally, he loves to photograph the soul of people and in particular, those who are wild and free.

With over 200 weddings already under his belt, Fabio Oliveira has photographed all over the world, in stunning locations such as France, Brazil, the United States of America as well as all over Australia.

I have been so blessed to be able to travel around the world for work. I get to live and breathe my passion!

Fabio Oliveira likes to form a personal connection with every client, taking the time to truly understand the client and their vision to ensure that he captures the moment exactly how the client imagines it.

I love to construct images that are meaningful to you and ensure that I create a connection with you to truly understand what’s important to you.

Fabio decided to pursue wedding photography full time in 2009, after leaving his job as an IT Manager for a Bank in Brazil as he felt a deeper and more personal connection to wedding photography.

Based in Melbourne, Fabio moved to Australia in 2015 after marrying his soul mate, and continues to expand his love of capturing extraordinary moments and delivering stunning imagery both locally and all around the world.

I’m also the founder of Live Folk (@livefolk on Instagram) an International lifestyle community of photographers and explorers that inspire people to travel and discover our planet. It’s a truly amazing journey!

Available to travel to the perfect location, Fabio Oliveira is open to being contacted via email, Skype or to meet for a coffee to discuss how to create and capture the perfect day or shoot to suit everybody’s needs and aspirations.


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