Bringing together some of the most respected and ground breaking women in the industry, The Women’s Business School is dedicated to giving motivated women a strong platform based on a collection of invaluable knowledge from the world’s best.

The first of its kind worldwide, The Women’s Business School has tailored programs to suit the many different needs and aspirations of female business founders and owners.

Founders, Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner’s aim with The Women’s Business School is to create a global movement of 100 female entrepreneurs that support, nurture and empower 10,000 emerging women in business to become future business leaders through education, mentoring and sharing their wisdom and experience by 2025.

Learn from some of Australia’s most successful and influential businesswomen.

At The Women’s Business School, you will receive training from world leading female entrepreneurs who will mentor, advise and support you on your journey.

The Women’s Business School ensures that all our business leaders are women who are relatable and understanding of the many challenges women in business face on a daily basis. They are determined to shake things up and create a powerful shift for all women in business.


Some of the invaluable lessons taught at The Women’s Business School include:

  • How to develop a business idea.
  • Practical steps for how to write a comprehensive business action plan.
  • Proven strategies for growing your business.
  • Strategies that will give you clarity, will help you identify and remove blockages to take your business to the next level.
  • Strategies to accelerate your business growth and build a world leading company.

With programs designed especially for women with babies and young children in mind, The Women’s Business School is flexible and understanding of the personal and professional challenges women face daily.


The two signature programs on offer are:

The Ignite Program – Are you ready to IGNITE your business idea? An introductory course that is designed for businesses 2 years and under.

The Accelerate Program -Are you ready to ACCELERATE your business growth? An experienced course that is designed for businesses 3-10 years old.


These courses are right for you if:
  • You’re committed to growing your businesses.
  • You’re 100% committed to learning new things.
  • You’re willing to actively implement what you learn.
  • You really want to, and you’re ready to do what it takes to change your life.
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself and growing your businesses.
  • You’re excited about the potential of your business.
  • You know you have a great idea and believe you have what it takes to make it successful.



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