Debuts a collection of eco-friendly straws in an effort to enhance and promote a sustainable lifestyle, replacing traditional plastic straws with durable stainless steel.

Creator Shay Lawrence was inspired after years of living and travelling in some of the most beautiful landscapes around the world and seeing how plastic had drastically effected these pristine environments.

Throughout this time, it also became obvious that the human effect on the natural environment was everywhere. It was hard to ignore the small pieces of plastic littered within the light, bright sand of the world’s most isolated islands.

It was crazy to think that consumption somewhere else had ended up here, in the middle-of-nowhere paradise. After six years of incredible travels filled with many wonderful experiences and witnessing the effects of plastic on our environment, Cali Woods was created.

By launching these products, Cali Woods hopes to give customers sustainable options that can improve and help the worlds overconsumption of plastics that are now not only damaging the flora and fauna of the oceans, but the world.

Cali Woods hopes to make a sustainable lifestyle easier and more exciting through the invention of eco products, as well as promoting fresh ideas and giving customers motivating information.

Made from food grade stainless steel, Cali Woods eco straws come in two different styles; the bendable Drinking Straw and the larger Smoothie Straw. Each style also comes with a brush cleaner and are dishwasher safe.

Cali Woods exists because we believe there’s a better way to do things.


Every day we throw away enough plastic straws that, if joined end-to-end, they would go around the equator of Earth 2.5 times!

This is a pretty startling fact. We were shocked too.

If that hasn’t got you convinced, here are a few more reasons…

Plastic – never Goes Away.

Every – single plastic straw that was ever made, still exists today in some form.

Plastic – has now made its way into the human food chain.

Stop – chewing on that petrochemical straw!

All Cali Woods eco-friendly products are available online.


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