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Therese Kerr

A global advocate for health and wellbeing, Therese Kerr takes a holistic approach to life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle which embodies organic living for wellness inside and out.

Starting her career as a qualified accountant, Therese Kerr has since built several businesses, launched an array of products, raised a beautiful family, and is now set on raising awareness about the benefits of a more holistic approach to life which includes more organic foods and products.

Therese Kerr’s health was seriously compromised several years ago, which was the turning point that lead her on a profound wellness journey in pursuit of alternative therapies to help speed up her recovery and maintain a healthier lifestyle. After much research during her own personal struggle, Therese discovered the diverse benefits of organic only products and began bottling up some of her favourite remedies to share with the world.

In her latest venture, ‘The Divine Company’, Therese Kerr along with her business partners, are so proud of what they have created, the finest quality and ‘Certified Organic‘ Australian beauty, skin, baby and personal care collection.

The Divine Company creates certified organic products that takes the partnership of science and nature to an unprecedented level of efficacy.

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