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Jordana Woodland

Jordana Woodland former model has taken the lingerie industry by storm creating a boudoir lifestyle range, ‘Naked Princess’ that’s not just a brand, but a vivacious feminine way of being.

CEO/Founder and Creative Director of Naked Princess, Jordana Woodland invites women to embrace their femininity and enjoy the small but significant details that make up the moments of their life.

Jordana Woodland was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. to pursue her modelling career. After several years of modelling, she realised her true calling was on the creative/design side of the fashion world, so she set out to create her own brand, Naked Princess.

Naked Princess is a modern boudoir lifestyle brand, creating exquisite beauty & body collections and timeless lounge-wear & lingerie. Crafted with the finest materials, Naked Princess designs combine elegance and luxury, making the everyday woman feel extraordinary.

Naked Princess luxurious style promotes boudoir as not just a curated space, but also a state of mind, a confidence attained through intentional self-care. Our loungewear, lingerie, custom formulated beauty products and gifts are all created to enhance a woman’s daily experience.

The effortlessly chic women’s range is created with the highest quality fabrics.

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