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Guillermo Zapata

Co-owner of famous ‘SUR’ Restaurant & Lounge in LA, featured on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, set for Bravo series ‘Vanderpump Rules’, home to many celebrities and some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Like most aspiring actors, Guillermo Zapata moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Hollywood to pursue his acting career. Whilst pursuing the dream, he also developed a passion for the restaurant business, investing in a small space in West Hollywood, which we all know today as ‘SUR’.

I recently had the great pleasure of chatting one-on-one with the multi-talented Argentinian born actor/model, turned famous restauranteur, Guillermo Zapata where he candidly shared his journey in such a raw and genuine way that is sure to resonate with many entrepreneurs, and remind us why we do what we do and what it all means at the end of the day.

We openly discussed where and how it all began, the many unexpected life-changing twists and turns he faced head-on, some of the most pivotal moments and events which altered his life path, going into business with Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, how SUR Restaurant & Lounge became part of a hugely successful Bravo series, where all that passion, determination and strength came from, along with what it all really means to him.

Life will put you in all sorts of situations and you have to work with what you have.

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