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Emma & Victoria

Redefining Seaside Luxe, The Beach People are a globally admired brand known for the original ‘Roundie’ towel and their iconic designs.

From sailing the seas as babies; to living and breathing the salty life as business women on the north coast of New South Wales. The Beach People co-founders Emma and Victoria, two sea-loving sisters share the story of how it all began.

Bringing style from the beach to the home, the ‘The Beach People’ brand was founded in the Summer of 2013 by sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie. Their much loved signature product, the original Roundie® towel, sold out in weeks and was followed by a range of seaside essentials including candles, soaps, ponchos, petite round towels and bath towels.

Inspired by their family, friends and living by the sea in Australia, their iconic products are elegant and functional, ensuring we soak up the sun in style.

The Beach People’s design process begins by drawing on inspiration from both Emma’s and Victoria’s every day beach lifestyle, along with their many travel experiences. All patterns are hand drawn, and incorporated into their luxurious products to create some truly unique pieces.

Being sisters, we really wanted to work together and pour our energy into something we could pass onto our children, but also inspire them to follow their dreams.

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