Hot on the Sydney scene, Four Pillars Laboratory are breaking new ground with their latest edition, Eileen’s Bar – an ultramodern cocktail bar featuring their award-winning range of gins.

Located in the heart of Sydney’s popular wine and dine district, Crown Street in Surry Hills, Four Pillars deliver mouth-watering cocktails highlighting the versatility of gin whilst showcasing all Four Pillars gins on offer.

Four Pillars create a wide variety of modern Australian gin styles from classic dry, barrel-aged to navy strength and their own exclusive Bloody Shiraz. Utilising base grain spirit from Bomaderry in NSW, Four Pillars source local botanicals for a high-quality finish in each bottle.

Four Pillars Gin Laboratory Eileen's Bar Sydney Heels Agency Demi Karan Our Laboratory in Sydney is our new home for creative, delicious and downright awesome gin drinks and gin-fuelled fun. – Four Pillars

Beyond their core gin products, the gin experts also offer classes including the gin masterclasses, maker sessions, cocktail masterclasses and a range of cocktail making sets, eclectic books, gin-inspired apparel, jarred goods and gin-fuelled gift packs.


Four Pillars Gin is a craft distillery based in Healesville in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley who make gin. Actually, they make gins, plural. From their original multi-award winning Rare Dry Gin to the only gin in the world made just for a Negroni, a Navy Strength Gin that is best in its class to an entirely unique Bloody Shiraz Gin.

Four Pillars is based on great copper stills, pristine Yarra Valley water, traditional, exotic and native botanicals, and a massive amount of love and attention to detail at every stage of the production process. – Four Pillars

The distillery pride themselves on quality and base their principles on Four Pillars, the first being their contemporary copper stills made in Germany that produce world-class gin. Secondly, sourcing triple filtered water from the Yarra Valley and thirdly, incorporating a range of local botanicals and exotics to explode flavour in every serving. The fourth pillar comes from the team’s pride and passion throughout the distilling process, allowing them to be word-class leaders within the gin arena.

Everything is designed to elevate the craft of distilling in Australia. – Four Pillars

Four Pillars Gin brings a delicious and very modern Australian take on gin to the world. They make a wide range of gins. When it gets down to it, everything they do is designed to elevate the craft of distilling gin in Australia. They also produce two barrel-aged gins, collaborate with bars with their ‘Bartender Series’ gins, and craft gins with international distilleries for their ‘Distiller Series’.


We are modern Australian makers of gin. Simple. – Four Pillars

It all started back in 2013 with three mates and one extraordinary copper still. They called her Wilma, and she has since been joined by Jude, Eileen and Beth. Six years on this innovative group of mates make the world’s most delicious and awarded range of craft gins.

Cameron Mackenzie is known as the ‘heart and soul’ of Four Pillars. His passion and motivation to ‘discover the perfect tonic to partner his impeccable gin’ comes from his extensive background in viticulture. Drawing on his wine cultivation background, Cameron is driven to execute the perfect balance of flavour in each and every bottle.

The team’s ‘drinker’ Stuart Gregor is the co-founder and Trade Director at Four Pillars. Stuart has an extensive background in marketing and is responsible for the creative communication of the company. His renowned experience in alcohol-based start-ups and public relations makes him a crucial component of Four Pillars success.

Matt Jones is known as Four Pillars ‘thinker’ and is a branding genius. He thrives as a leader and strategist within large teams and is the founder of ‘Better Happy’, a creative agency focused on contemporary advertising. Matt’s extensive background in brand strategy and passion for start ups has made him indispensable to the team.

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Making gin anywhere would be exciting. But we don’t make gin anywhere. We make it here. In Australia. – Four Pillars

The Sydney Establishment recently opened in mid-June, the liquor experts have incorporated their very own Gin Lab available for an evening experience, cocktail masterclasses, and maker sessions. Eileen’s Bar is a pre-booked experience that augments the gin experience for up to 24 guests per seating. The intimate sitting evening is discovered in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and even includes the first round on them.

The Melbourne Distillery, located an hour from the CBD, is home to Four Pillars Germany made original copper stills. The distillery also houses a fully functioning tasting room and a bar serving Gin & Tonic paddles, build-your own Negronis, Scotty’s Ginger Mules, beer, wine, tea, coffee and really good nuts and olives. There are also tours, masterclasses and all manner of fun!

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Come learn all about the distilling process and maybe even make a bottle. – Four Pillars

Four Pillars Gin Lab Masterclasses is the perfect 60-minute experience at the Surry Hills Laboratory. The cosy hands-on experience allows the student to become the master with the perfect G&T. A comprehensive tasting coupled with ‘made from gin’ snacks will leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.

The Maker Sessions lead by in-house distillers equips you with a glimpse of the distillation process. A comprehensive tasting of the distilleries top five gin will be leaving you wanting more. You will leave the experience with your very own take home distilled bottle, along with some other gin inspired goodies!

Cocktail Classes at Four Pillars are the best way to be introduced to the distilleries signature range. This hands-on experience is the ideal evening starter that begins with a whole lot of shaking and stirring.

Due to COVID-19, the distillery is taking smaller bookings at the moment and looking to expand shortly.

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Four Pillars is arguably, the most exciting and dynamic gin brand anywhere in the world. – Gin Foundry, UK

NOTE: You must be of legal age to consume alcohol. Always drink responsibly and with moderation.



410 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

On one side of our Laboratory in Surry Hills is the Gin Lab, a place to taste, talk, buy and make gin. On the other side is Eileen’s Bar, named after our resident still. Pull up a stool and try a cocktail that explores the flavour possibilities of Four Pillars gin drinks.


2A Lilydale Road, Healesville VIC 3777

In 2015 we made our home in Healesville, Yarra Valley in what was once a timber yard. Four Pillars Distillery brings together everything under one roof. We make and experiment with gin on one side, while we serve up drinks and tastings on the other.


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