Stone & Chalk is Australia’s largest dedicated fintech company with a focus on high-growth start-ups and innovation programs.

As Australia’s largest independently launched fintech corporation, Stone & Chalk aims to innovate and advocate the financial services industry. Beyond their core business strategy, Stone & Chalk has developed in house innovation programs, incorporating the development of investor programs, pitch training and mentorship courses.

Founded in 2015, the public company began routes in Sydney and since spread their reputable community to Melbourne and Adelaide. Offering three state-of-the-art collaborative workspaces has allowed emerging founders and their teams to curate forward-thinking concepts to revolutionise the tech sector.

The high-growth company achieves mutual client success through collaborative residency packages equipped to quickly scale up and ensure long-term scalability. Providing reliable streams of customers, capital, industry expertise, Stone & Chalks one of a kind networking offers start-ups a unique opportunity for sustainable success.

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Stone & Chalk Melbourne Workspace


Founded in Fintech, Stone & Chalk is shaping the future of emerging tech sectors by catalysing commercial success across our impact network. They are the experts in first-class event spaces, resources, client support and in-house training. Stone & Chalk’s contemporary community facilitates support amongst compatible connections to stimulate longevity of success.


Alex Scandurra, the current CEO of Stone & Chalk, is equipped with immense entrepreneurial experience graduating with his MBA from the London Business School. His previous involvement with several fintech companies and current directorial roles with non-for-profit companies has allowed the natural fostering of success for Stone & Chalk.

Startups and entrepreneurial thinking is the strategy of the future. – Alex Scandurra, CEO Stone & Chalk

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Beginning with one startup at a time, Stone & Chalk provides a collaborative working environment with unique opportunities to scalable customers and worldwide partners with corporates, governments, academia and investor networks.

Stone & Chalk is an Impact Network catalysing commercial success for Founders in emerging tech sectors. Supporting startups & scaleups by providing structured programs and facilitating access to Customers, Capital, Talent, Expertise, Community and Insights.
Our mission is to help create Australia’s industries of the future, and we’re doing that one startup, one scaleup, and one innovation partner at a time.

Approximately 90% of startups fail in the first five years, Stone & Chalk have a proven track record of 80% success rate for commercialising success for their residents.

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Beyond their contemporary corporate strategy,  the fintech masterminds offer additional development services. The Bootcamp like learning is packaged into an accelerated program to get your company ‘future-ready’. The academy program is delivered in a highly professional face-to-face manner with a diverse range of core topics, often supplemented with industry experts.

The Stone & Chalk Academy offers innovation education to upskill internal, executives and boards highlighting the following topics;

  • Innovation & Startups in: Artificial Intelligence
  • Careers & Experienced Professionals
  • Innovation & Startups in: Data Economy

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As Australia’s most successful innovation platform, Stone & Chalk bring the best innovators and corporate innovation partners together to successfully scale ideas while raising the bar on corporate innovation success.

Bridging the gap between industry leaders and the latest startups is an integral objective within Stone & Chalks unique business model.  The cultivation of employees into dynamic teams is facilitated by industry-leading talent from their key partners including NAB, ANZ, Eftpos, NSW Government and many more.

Stone & Chalk are one of our most important partners. – Digital Banking ANZ

Stone & Chalk partner with corporates, governments, academia, investors networks, community associations, foundations and causes worldwide. Offering five transformative matchmaking pillars for success;

  • Innovation Leadership
  • Start-Up Pipeline
  • Learning & Development
  • Business Transformation
  • Innovation Programs

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Stone & Chalk offer a variety of spaces ranging from studios and boardrooms to professional event areas. With three incredible innovation hubs across Australia – Stone & Chalk is a premier venue for leading events across in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Located in the heart of the city yet connected to nature – their spaces balance industrial qualities with the contemporary, provide an inviting contrast between work and play and are architecturally-designed to promote connection and collaboration between teams, clients and customers.

On average Stone & Chalk host 350 events for 200 different organisations every year. They also offer rentable working spaces in strategically designed rooms to promote collaboration amongst teams.

Whether you need a meeting room for two or mojitos for 250 – they make it happen.

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Stone & Chalk provides a full-service model of innovation services to early stage technology companies, corporates and government. Stone & Chalk provide rental opportunities,  shared spaces, dedicated desks and private offices and include the following amenities:

  • 24/7 access
  • Daily cleaning
  • Business printing
  • Community events
  • Super-fast internet
  • Private phone booths
  • Mail & packaging handling
  • Changing rooms & showers
  • Professional meeting rooms
  • Delicious coffee & beer on tap!

Shaping the future of emerging tech sectors by catalysing commercial success across our impact network.

You need the right people in the right places. Stone & Chalk have both. Their highly experienced management team has the expertise that innovators and innovation partners need to succeed.

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Following, are some Stone & Chalk partner highlights and success stories…

David Eccles, Director – Australia / New Zealand at Enterprise Ireland.

We’ve seen first-hand how Stone & Chalk champions and accelerates the growth of each and every business through the experience of our own clients.

Alexander Peh, Vice President of innovation at Royal Bank of Canada.

Stone & Chalk has a successful track record of attracting top technology startups and we are excited to play our part in supporting Australia’s fintech ecosystem.

Sunny Sirabas, General Manager of Innovation at Chartered Accounts ANZ.

Partnering with Stone & Chalk allowed Chartered Accountants to be at the forefront of innovation and have an advantageous perspective on Fintech.

Bruce Wren & Caroline Trotman, CEO, Co-Founder & COO at 1WordFlow

Being associated with Stone & Chalk has helped 1WordFlow’s reputation immensely, especially when recruiting. We’ve been able to bring and retain good people.

Barbara Sharp, CEO & Co-Founder at Pax Republic

We moved to Stone & Chalk to be with a mixture of high growth tech-based startups in an ecosystem of growth & opportunity. It’s a fabulous space with a strong feeling of community.

Dr. Catriona Wallace, Founder & CEO at FlamingoAI

As one of the founding residents to join, we cannot recommend Stone & Chalk highly enough. Our staff enjoy being part of the vibrant Stone & Chalk community.



Sydney Startup Hub Level 4, 11 York Street Sydney NSW 2000


Victorian Innovation Hub 710 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008


Lot Fourteen North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000


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