HealthCheck is a new and innovative employee digital app that’s just been launched, an employee wellness checker that has been developed to help organisations manage and track employee health and wellbeing.

Founded in 2019 by  Chris Allen, Bradley Delamare, Charline Siccardi & Paul Eastwood, the entrepreneurial team focus on sharing employees’ voices and improving wellbeing in the workplace.

Health Check You Startup Heels AgencyHealthCheck, covers both physical health, mental health and a feature to assess potential symptoms of COVID-19 through temperature checks. The app allows employers to get real-time feedback on the health and wellness of their many employees through visible updates. It features injury reports, mental health insights and everyday illnesses.

HealthCheck has been developed for a much broader role in the overall wellbeing of your people and business during and beyond Covid-19.

It benefits businesses through providing the opportunity to monitor and flag potential illnesses as well as COVID-19 symptoms before employees arrive at work and therefore reducing transmission.

Keeping your people healthy and your businesses running.

Get better connected with your employees.

The CEO and Co-founder Chris Allen shares his intuitive thoughts on the App’s versatile function and usability during the current pandemic:

We’ve heard before that necessity is the mother of invention.

This pandemic may prove to be the catalyst that businesses need to place mental wellbeing & workplace engagement higher up the list of priorities.

We believe we have developed a solution that can support that journey for all businesses, regardless of industries.

Since its launch, HealthCheck has been developed in many different languages and seen rapid growth across the globe, with teams set up in Mexico, USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

We are excited to see the tool go live in a variety of businesses from offices, factories, hospitality venues and non-for-profit organisations- O Charline Siccardi, Founder, HealthCheckYou.

HealthCheck has worked alongside mental health specialists, to create a mental wellness solution that offers a platform for employees to communicate how they are truly feeling.


HealthCheck has created a tool that suits a wide variety of people as it caters for employees across multiple sectors.

The journey started by helping solve a food factory better connect with employees.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

A sector where workers are exposed to physical activity every day, reducing absence and preventing RSI through information shared, all before breakfast.

Managing a large workforce means lots of paperwork and manning a sick line, HealthCheck simplifies all of it.

Retailers, Office Workers & Field Teams

Where your workforce is in and out or dispersed across the country the app gives you and them connectivity.

Particularly important for employers with employees working from remote locations due to the COVID-19 pandemic .

The powerful algorithms and analytics will ensure you are focused on the right wellbeing to step change the health of your team and with it your productivity.

Healthcare, Hospitals & public service

The healthcare industry will benefit significantly from HealthCheck, as it captures insights that protect the wellbeing and health of your employees and any other potential risks.



The software allows an early detection of infection and immediate insights into who the employee has been in contact with.

It also provides convenient  links to geographic data to flag risks in infections relative to your employee’s home location.


Instead of all of your employees bombarding the phone when they need to call in sick. Your employees can call-in-sick through the app, and efficient and quick scheduling of new resources to ensure a full team is ready to go will be achieved


The application is created through automated workflows and powerful algorithms that set to flag trends. This allows for instant connection to your employees like never before.

This app has a very simplistic design, so it is very straight-forward and user friendly. The amazing analytics and intelligent workflows do all the hard work for you.

It works by employees filling out structured questions which lets their direct report know whether they will be attending work and highlights any potential symptoms.

These workflows are in alignment with the most current health advice and supports decision makers instead of just presenting facts.


  • It can proactively highlight risk and hotspots in your business.
  • Keeping your business running and your people safe.
  • It creates a community of engagement and trust.
  • You have the data & tools to run your business effectively & efficiently.
  • Results have shown that employees are 15-25% more productive and 27% less absent.


If you work within a charitable group, community organisation or hospital, HealthCheck has you covered free of charge. This software is available free of charge to all charities under 100 employees and hospitals.

Check out business options available for teams -500, 500 to 2,000 and 2,000+ or contact HealthCheck to discuss details.


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