A creative agency like no other, ed-it.co specialises in creating and growing brands by offering four simple, efficient and cost-effective creative solutions – edit / fresh / custom / template.

Revelling in their client’s success, ed-it.co makes it easy for brands to achieve their goals by giving them what they want, when they want, nobody likes to be locked in.

Clients are welcome to come and go as they please, select one or as many tasks required – the choice is theirs. A totally new breed of creatives transforming outdated advertising and marketing services with experimental solutions that work for brands.

ed-it.co – prepare material for public presentation…

update, refine, rearrange, revise, change, arrange, check, copy-edit, improve, correct, alter, adapt, emend, polish, modify, rewrite, reword, redraft, rephrase, assemble, cut, select, organise, rearrange, compile, rehash, rectify, go over, review, clean up, fine-tune…


Need help with existing or new advertising/marketing material? Simply, select what you need for your project;

edit – [ tweak ]  fresh – [ look ]  custom – [ design ]  template – [ ready ]

edit – a quick edit, update, tweak, reword, slight change or variation of some sort to your existing artwork at a fixed rate so you know what you’re up for upfront? Simply, hit LINK select artwork you would like edited.

fresh – a simple refresh, remodel, upgrade, revamp, makeover, resize, redo, fix up or rework of some sort to your existing artwork at a fixed rate so you know what you’re up for upfront?  Simply, hit LINK select artwork you would like freshened up.

custom – a unique custom, made-to-order, tailored, bespoke, tailor-made, customised or custom-made artwork at a fixed rate so you know what you’re up for upfront? Simply, hit LINK select custom design artwork required.

template – a simple, fast & bold creative solution? Choose a ready-to-go modern template to incorporate your brand details at a fixed rate so you know what you’re up for upfront? Simply, hit LINK select template artwork design required. 


Looking for creative solutions, we can help you with…

graphic design – advertising – branding – marketing – creative design – brand identity – print design – digital design – logo design – online content – advertising campaigns – promotional material – brand placement – content marketing – social content – product launches – advertisements – copywriting – social posts – social banners – leaflets – flyers – brochures – point of sale – signage – catalogues – business cards – letterheads – direct mail marketing – stationery – packaging – publications – posters – event marketing – brand strategy – promotions – editing material – website content – package designs – public relations – editorial services – established brands – new brands – start-up businesses – marketing strategies – creative direction – simple edits – refresh material – template designs – custom designs – all creative services…

You’ve got a message – ed-it.co help you deliver it.

An innovative and energetic bunch of creatives who absolutely love what they do and enjoy growing brands.

ed-it.co share some branding insights.

You get one chance to make a great first impression.

Brand is everything, every image tells your story.

Your brand identity is the image behind the reason.

Great branding does more than just look pretty.

Make your mark, the world is your playground.

We grow brands – create, bloom and thrive.

I don’t try to fit in, I was born to stand out.


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