The Travel Bootcamp isn’t just another course. It’s an intensive, no-nonsense, one-day conference for those dreaming about being a brilliant Travel Instagrammer, Blogger or Writer.

No fluff, just real strategies, steps and secrets to turning your passion into a career, from three people who’ve done it and are willing to offer their invaluable tips to aspiring travel industry professionals.

The Travel Bootcamp is a collaboration between three truly successful women, travel influencer Lauren Bath, travel writer Georgia Rickard and travel blogger Elizabeth Carlson who share their knowledge with those looking to expand their career.

Created due to the increasing demand and influence of social media in the travel industry, the program teaches others how to gain an income solely through travel.

Whether you’re looking for a whole new career or just want to make some money on the side, we’ll show you how to make a (damn good) income as an instagrammer, blogger or writer (not to mention, how to get yourself invited on those free press trips).

We teach you the how’s, as well as the who’s, the where’s and the when’s of turning travel into income.

With major sponsors such as Olympus Australia and Intrepid Travel, the boot camp looks to give a unique insight into the travel industry, as well as give already established travel companies and influencers the opportunity to improve and build upon their knowledge base, especially in regards to their social media.

Guaranteed to cover all bases, The Travel Bootcamp creator Lauren Bath, recently named one of the most influential social media personalities in Australia by 60 Minutes with almost half a million followers, having experience in over 180 travel campaigns, as well as four years’ full time experience in the social media travel industry, delivers a workshop like no other.

This experience has shaped the workshop into a detailed and invaluable session, with seven secure strategies for content creation, as well as tips and tricks on how to utilize hashtags, work with influencers and how to run effective competitions on Instagram.

With options ranging from intimate sessions of five people or less, as well as private Skype sessions, or conferences of over 150 people, The Travel Bootcamp caters to all groups looking to improve their skill set.

Ready? Let’s kick start your travel career.


The Travel Bootcamp 2018 – Sydney, Australia


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