Elegant, stylish and timeless pieces, Walteri Watches offer a classic look with sophisticated modern finishes including a range of versatile bracelets to fit every occasion.

Walteri’s goal is to reinterpret yesterday’s classics in a smart way where effortless elegance meets legendary style, timeless appeal meets contemporary trend and where outstanding quality meets affordable luxury.

Created to emulate the golden era of watchmaking, Walteri watches are designed to evoke the feel of iconic watches born out of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Be it a diving watch, a dual time or a chronograph, watches of that period were created with a professional purpose in mind such as exploring the sea, beating a speed record, landing on the moon and piloting an airplane.

Walteri follows the principle that form must follow function.

With a blend of effortless elegance and legendary style, a Walteri watch has a timeless appeal with a contemporary trend that gives the wearer a stylish timepiece that is of outstanding quality yet affordable luxury.

From inception all the way to creation, Walteri’s goal was to reinterpret the classics in a smart, intelligent way for the modern man and woman of the world.

With Walteri watches, time is a powerful ally that is on your side.



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