Jordana Woodland former model has taken the lingerie industry by storm creating a boudoir lifestyle range, ‘Naked Princess’ that’s not just a brand, but a vivacious feminine way of being.

CEO/Founder and Creative Director of Naked Princess, Jordana Woodland invites women to embrace their femininity and enjoy the small but significant details that make up the moments of their life.

Jordana Woodland was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. to pursue her modelling career. After several years of modelling, she realised her true calling was on the creative/design side of the fashion world, so she set out to create her own brand, Naked Princess.

Naked Princess Jordana Woodland Heels Agency Demi KaranNaked Princess is a modern boudoir lifestyle brand, creating exquisite beauty & body collections and timeless lounge-wear & lingerie. Crafted with the finest materials, Naked Princess designs combine elegance and luxury, making the everyday woman feel extraordinary.

Naked Princess luxurious style promotes boudoir as not just a curated space, but also a state of mind, a confidence attained through intentional self-care. Our loungewear, lingerie, custom formulated beauty products and gifts are all created to enhance a woman’s daily experience.

The effortlessly chic women’s range is created with the highest quality fabrics, while the body & lip products are free of Parabens, Phthalates & GMO’s and never tested on animals.

Naked Princess is not simply a shopping destination, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Heels Agency strives to acknowledge women who are making their mark in business and setting the bar higher than before. I recently caught up with the fabulous and multi-talented Jordana Woodland and was very impressed with her vision and the magnificent brand she has created.

Jordana Woodland is a strong, confident businesswoman who has managed to make a huge impact within the highly crowded beauty and fashion space, whilst encouraging women worldwide to embrace their sensual, feminine self each and every day.


Demi – What does being a business owner mean to you and where did your ambition come from?

I believe I was meant to follow an entrepreneurial path. Even when I was modelling in my 20s, before launching Naked Princess in 2011, it was always on my own terms. I have a creative mind and a hands-on personality that’s fueled by juggling several projects at once, it’s just how I’m built.

Being a woman in business also means a great deal to me.


Demi – Many ‘wonna be’ entrepreneurs struggle to gain the confidence needed to actually start a business. How did you go about starting your business and what advice would you give about getting started?

Honestly, I wholeheartedly believed in my vision and I simply threw myself in. I worked really hard and figured most things out as I went along. As an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to take risks, evolve and adjust whilst keeping a firm grasp on the core of what you’re trying to create.

Naked Princess Jordana Woodland Heels Agency Demi KaranIt took a little time for me to figure out the direction of the business and how to clearly communicate my vision for the brand. I had to find the confidence to change direction when I saw that we were heading down a path that didn’t feel right. I’ve come to understand that;

If you believe in what you are doing and have the determination to back it up… you will get to where you want to be!


Demi – Do you remember if you felt any fear? If so, what advice would you give to others in this situation?

Of course there’s going to be fear when you’re taking such a big leap of faith. Stepping up, following your vision and starting your own business, there’s bound to be many fears. But, the key is feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

You are entering the unknown and that’s a scary but very powerful place to be.


Demi – As they say, “hindsight is a beautiful thing”. Looking back would you do anything different? And, advice you would give to others?

There are things that now I think “I should have done this,” or “I shouldn’t have done that,” but honestly I wouldn’t do anything differently. No-one is going to get it right 100% of the time. Every step of this process, whether fantastic or frustrating, has shaped me and my business. I’m grateful for every step I’ve taken because it’s brought me to the understanding that I have today.


Demi – Every business owner knows with business comes challenge. What would you say is your biggest challenge?

Naked Princess Jordana Woodland Heels Agency Demi KaranOne of the biggest challenges I personally face is taking on too much. When you’re passionate about something, like I am about Naked Princess, you want to do everything you can to grow the business as quickly as possible. That’s a beautiful aspect of loving what you do, but it can also be the challenge.

It’s a constant learning curve of when to push harder and when to just let go. Confidence and clarity are key components for success and you can’t have either if you’re stretched too thin.


Demi – Do you have anyone that has inspired you on your journey? If so, what sort of influence do they have on what you’re doing today?

When I was a child, I remember watching my mother get ready at the little station in her bedroom, almost like she was on a movie set. It was her uninterrupted time to herself. I love that she always took that time and wasn’t ever ashamed of it. That’s where my love for the “art of dressing” was born and that love inspired what I do today.


Demi – How would you describe your brand in the marketplace?

Naked Princess isn’t just about offering quality and timeless products; our passion lies in how the products come together to create the ultimate boudoir experience. We are not just a shopping destination, it’s more of a lifestyle choice to enjoy a little something each and every day.


Demi – What would you say are the key factors to running a successful business?

The most important factor and key to creating a successful brand is having a great product as the foundation. If you start with a solid foundation, you are built for success. No amount of marketing will give a bad product longevity.

Trust your vision, believe in your products and know your customer. These are the key building blocks for success.


Demi – There are so many reasons why people get into business. What would you say is the greatest benefit of running your own show?

Every day I get to wake up and work on something that I wholeheartedly believe in. That’s an amazing gift!

Naked Princess Jordana Woodland Heels Agency Demi KaranTHE TEAM

Demi – Staffing can be a big issue at times for most businesses. What’s your approach to dealing with staff, what do you think creates a successful team and a great work environment?

I feel very lucky to work with the incredible team that I have right now. Some of them have been with me from the very beginning. I believe it’s so important to foster a work environment where team members feel like they can grow and evolve with the company.

I honour those long-term working relationships whilst also realising that bringing in fresh eyes and perspective is critical for continued success.

The most important qualities for anyone working for our company is passion, a can-do attitude and a desire to create something great.


Demi – We hear so much about business owners trying to balance their work and family life. What’s your take on this topic and what advice would you give?

I’ve got to be honest, it’s a constant challenge. I am a mother of three, so it’s a crazy juggling act but one that I’m so grateful to have. I would say that “awareness” is the way I maintain equilibrium. There are going to be times when you are going to get out of balance. I’ve found the key is be aware of those moments and do what you can to recalibrate yourself.

I take a step back and reassess how I’m spending my time. It’s not about punishing yourself for being out of balance, but simply acknowledging it and then making the necessary adjustments to find your even footing again.


Demi – As business owners, we usually can’t separate ‘business time’ from ‘family time’. How do you manage this and what effects has this had, if any, on your family?

I try to keep my phone on silent when I’m with my kids. My evening routine with the kids is something that is sacred to me. I look forward to having dinner together, bath time and story time. It’s extremely important to me that when I’m home, I’m completely present for them in all the little ways that make such a huge impact on their overall wellbeing. Those hours are just for us… me and children.


Demi – So, how do you manage running such a successful business and raising three children? What advice would you give mum’s trying to do it all?

Patience and great perseverance is needed. You definitely ‘CAN’ do it all but you will ‘NOT’ do it all perfectly! You are going to make mistakes and may even drop some of the many balls you’re juggling, but that’s okay! Pick them up and get right back to it.

You’re a strong, smart and powerful woman but no one is perfect. Letting go of that expectation is key.


Demi – We all want to be great role models for our kids and others, what do you believe are the most important things your children will learn from you?

Hard work does really pay off! Pursue your passions! Have gratitude and love with your whole heart!

Naked Princess Jordana Woodland Heels Agency Demi KaranDOING IT ALL

Demi – Mother, Model, Muse & Creative Director – how do you prioritise and manage your day?

I try to take an hour each morning for myself before anyone else wakes up or my emails start coming in to just look at what my day is going to be like. As the CEO of my household and my company, I write everything down and assess my day accordingly.

I try not to take too much on whilst also trying to tackle as much as I can. It’s a constant balancing act.


Demi – Do you feel any pressure wearing the Model and Creative Director hats?

Balancing my focus is the only pressure I feel when it comes to balancing these two hats.

It feels very intuitive to me to show that I stand behind what I create, so I’m more than happy to stand in front of the camera as well as behind. It’s important for me to show our customers that I don’t just create these products… I do actually use them, wear them, and  love them!


Demi – We all know how hard it can be to stay ahead in terms of business innovation. What are the key elements for staying in the game today and getting ahead?

Keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Observe what’s happening in the marketplace. Listen to your customers. Be willing to think outside the box and always consider new ideas.

Your company won’t grow unless you are willing to grow with it.


Demi – What advice would you give someone going into business?

Have confidence in your vision, the determination to back it up and the dexterity to gracefully move on a path that will constantly change and evolve.


Demi – Do you have any startup tips for those going into business?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Pretending to have all the answers doesn’t do you or your company any good. Ask people who have “been there, done that.” They can give you amazing insight.


Demi – Do you have a quote that really resonates with you?

My favourite quote is:

“I learned that courage was not absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela


Demi – What are your plans moving forward for Naked Princess?

We are focusing heavily on expanding Naked Princess through our wholesale and e-commerce platforms, which is really exciting. Naked Princess feels so honored to be carried in prestigious hotels, spas and boutiques around the country (Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental etc.) with more on the way.

I’m excited to see our company reach the next level of success and plan to go global within the next five years.

Naked Princess was born from Jordana Woodland’s lifelong passion for the art of dressing and the ritual of boudoir and shares some of her work, life and play insights.

I love what I do because... I wholeheartedly believe in it.

Never be afraid of… Being exactly who you are.

My greatest talent is… Knowing what I want and going after it.

My biggest challenge is… Letting go of perfection.

I overcame that challenge by… Being a mom and business owner.

Best gig… Being a mom to my children.

I’ve loved… With my whole heart.

I never go to work without… My iPhone.

Never underestimate... What a woman can accomplish.

In my spare time I like to… Spend time with loved ones.

 Every girl needs… A good lip gloss.

Every man needs… To appreciate strong women.

On perfection… It isn’t real.

On every day… Every day is a gift.

On styling… Wear what makes YOU feel good.

On living… Live each day to the fullest.

I absolutely love… Boba.

Happiness is… My children laughing.

I hope to one day… To see my children pursuing their dreams with unwavering passion.

Best advice received… Don’t compare yourself to others, you’ll never be happy.

Must-have Naked Princess item… Depends on what day you ask me. Yesterday I would have said our ‘Tinted Lip Treatment’. Today it’s our ‘Ava Pleated Pant’. Tomorrow it might be our Signature Maxi Gown”.

Must-try Naked Princess item… Our new ‘Dry Oils’. We spent a long time getting the formula exactly right and it’s so exciting to see it finally be available to our customers.

When starting a business one must… Believe in his/her product and vision.

Success means… Knowing that you’ve done your best and done so with all your heart.

Most rewarding career moment so far… When I see someone I don’t personally know wearing Naked Princess and hearing how it positively impacts them.

Living the dream means… Going to sleep at night with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

What’s next… Another day to live to the fullest.

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Thank you Jordana Woodland for wholeheartedly sharing your beautiful journey with us and our readers. You are a truly fabulous inspiration for all women, proving that we can embrace our feminine self whilst smashing the glass ceiling with sheer strength, determination and passion. Absolutely gorgeous! –  Demi Karan – CEO/Founder, Heels Agency

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