Inspired by the ocean, earth and mother nature’s rawness, Indigo Jade is a jewellery company that creates powerful pieces to inspire us all on our journey.

Made for strong and awakened souls who embrace their natural glow and also care for the environment, each piece is hand made to let the individual express their true selves.

Named Indigo Jade due to the two words holding special meaning for creator, Jayde Skiffington, the brand echoes these values and spiritual meanings of its namesake.

Indigo is reflective to the Indigo children of the 1970’s, and are highly spiritual, awakened souls on a clear mission to challenge and shift this reality, choosing to live through love and not fear.

Jade is in direct reference to the stone, which carries a powerful and nourishing energy that is very healing. The purity of the jade stone gives wisdom, love and acceptance.

Indigo Jade aims to expand one’s conscious mind and make the individual see outside this reality.

Using materials such as raw crystals and hand crafted silver, Indigo Jade pieces are unique and radiates positive energy that embodies passion, power and the wonder of life.

Creator Jayde also has a very special and deep connection with the ocean, so much so that a percentage of the profits is donated to the organisation ‘Oceana’, the world’s largest non-profit organisation solely dedicated to restoring the earth’s oceans on a larger scale.


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