Designed by you, crafted by Furniture & Me and delivered straight to your door. We make it possible for you to create your ideal piece of furniture through our online platform.

By using an online product builder, clients can create their perfect piece of furniture by choosing design, fabric and finish. With options to change the finer details such as chair leg style, Furniture & Me is looking to revolutionize furniture selection.

An affordable, unique platform for clients wanting the perfect piece of custom furniture, Furniture & Me was created to give customers an opportunity to create exactly what they want for their space.

The founders have been crafting bespoke custom furniture through B Seated Global for leading Australian Venues for over a decade, and have taken the next step and started a new chapter by custom designing for private homes.

With styles and designs to suit all clients, whether it be classic, modern or even retro, Furniture & Me ensures that all clients get an exceptionally luxurious experience at an affordable price.

Each piece of furniture is hand crafted by artisians with high quality fabrics and materials, to ensure the perfect piece of furniture to suit our client’s needs.

Furniture & Me also offer a 100% refund policy, making sure that every piece ordered is exactly what the client needs. The client has 100-day policy on returns and each piece comes with a 2-year replacement warranty. Furniture & Me also ships worldwide.

Design Your World. Choose. Customise. Manufacture. Delivery.


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