A global advocate for health and wellbeing, Therese Kerr takes a holistic approach to life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle which embodies organic living for wellness inside and out.

Starting her career as an accountant, Therese Kerr has since built several businesses, launched an array of products, raised a beautiful family, and is now set on raising awareness about the benefits of a more holistic approach to life which includes more organic foods and products.

Therese Kerr’s health was seriously compromised several years ago, which was the turning point that lead her on a profound wellness journey in pursuit of alternative therapies to help speed up her recovery and maintain a healthier lifestyle. After much research during her own personal struggle, Therese discovered the diverse benefits of organic only products and began bottling up some of her favourite remedies to share with the world.

therese kerr the divine company heels agency demi karan 34In her latest venture, ‘The Divine Company’, Therese Kerr along with her business partners, are so proud of what they have created, the finest quality and ‘Certified Organic‘ Australian beauty, skin, baby and personal care collection.

Often misrepresented, our mission was to re-create and re-establish the potency of what it truly means to be ‘Certified Organic‘ and highlight the many benefits of being one with nature.

Eliminating compromised ingredients from our lives supports the future of our bodies, our farmers, our earth, and provides hope for humanity – both current and future. We believe that organic is beautiful in its innate intelligence, its simplicity. We have channeled this into beautiful certified organic skin care to evoke this grace and beauty in you.

I practice a holistic approach to wellbeing which includes Physical, Mental & Spiritual wellness, and believe only when all three are aligned and working in unison, true health is attainable.

Heels Agency likes to align with business leaders who effect significant shifts within an industry, game changers with a vision, who are genuinely passionate about what they do, and Therese is all that and much more. I recently had the great pleasure of catching up with the divine Therese Kerr where we openly discussed her philosophy on life, deep connection with nature, and how it’s reflected in her global brand.

Therese Kerr shares her tips on the benefits of only organic for inside and out for optimal wellness.


Demi – Tell us about ‘The Divine Company’ and its philosophy.

The Divine Company is a proudly Australian Owned business manufacturing the highest quality Australian Made, Australian Certified Organic (ACO), Vegan, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free Salon Grade, Age-defying skincare products.

Determined to impact the health of people and the planet, The Divine Company creates certified organic products that takes the partnership of science and nature to an unprecedented level of efficacy.

The Divine Company sets the benchmark in relation to certified organic skincare. We are at the cutting edge of technology taking advantage of the scientific breakthroughs that previously weren’t available, extracting high active, powerful plant botanicals and delivering them into the skin. It is vitally important to all Directors of The Divine Company to be the leaders in the manufacturing and creation of the purest, most age-defying skincare products on the market today.

We live by connection, beauty, wellness and authenticity.

Our goal is to have women experience the most beautiful skin of their life so that they can go out without makeup if they choose to feeling comfortable, and allowing the world to see them in their glory with the beautiful, glowing, youthful, radiant skin they were born with.

therese kerr the divine company heels agency demi karan 34BRAND POSITION

Demi –  How would you describe ‘The Divine Company’s’ position in the marketplace?

The ‘Divine Woman’ Age Defying Skincare products are salon grade and specifically formulated to provide results one would achieve when visiting a high end spa or salon. The range is stocked only in the most discerning, high-end Beauty Salons, Wellness Retreats and recognized Spas.

The results of the products speak for themselves.

Having only launched in November 2016, The ‘Divine Woman’ products are now stocked and used in beauty treatments all over Australia in some of Australia’s most recognized locations such as The Golden Door (Hunter Valley and The Gold Coast), Museo, Hepburn Bathhouse, Onsen Retreat & Spa, White Spa and Raw Beauty, just to name a few, with many additional locations to be released soon.


Demi – Many fear that it’s too hard to break into this highly competitive industry, what advice would you give?

I believe you have to find a niche! But not only that, in anything you do, you need to have a reason for doing it. A ‘Why‘? If you don’t have a ‘Why‘, then don’t do it. Our ‘Why’ is to allow people to experience certified organic skincare at its absolute best and to showcase the power of nature in age prevention.

Nature has an answer for everything including our skin and when people use our products, their experience of what skincare can provide is altered completely. A new benchmark is created.

High active, potent plant botanicals have the ability to transform the skin but the key is in how the powerful, age defying ingredients are treated both in extraction from the plants themselves and in the formulation. Our products are formulated to work synergistically. Extracting the actives in their most natural form, formulating products that maintain the high integrity of the ingredients at all costs and delivering those high actives and antioxidant-rich nutrients into the skin is what The Divine Company does best.

therese kerr the divine company heels agency demi karan 9Chemicals in our everyday products including skincare, age our bodies, cause illness, weight gain and hormone-related health challenges. Consumers are becoming more discerning, actively seeking healthier alternatives and women seem to be the main drivers of this change.

Gone are the days where the discerning woman would buy into the pseudo marketing of multinationals or companies creating so-called ‘natural products’. The market has moved on, certified organic is now the benchmark of today’s health conscious and aware woman.

Women are the pioneers of a new era seeking the purest certified organic ingredients which combine the power of science for the ultimate in age-defying skin care. The choices a woman now makes in relation to her skincare are an extension of her values. Flawless skin is a reflection of her essence.


Demi – Many ‘wonna be’ entrepreneurs struggle to gain the confidence needed to actually start a business. How did you start your business and what advice would you give about getting started?

If you don’t believe in your dreams, who will? Every successful business simply started out as an idea. My husband and I have had many successful and some not-so-successful businesses. It takes guts, determination and a “Never Give Up” attitude to be in your own business. If that wasn’t the case, everyone would be in their own business.

I truly believe the best way to start a business is to find what you are passionate about and do something that fires that passion. My passion has altered over the years. What I am doing now is a result of my own health crisis when I had endometriosis, Hashimoto’s and Tumours in my spleen.

There are four Directors in our Divine Company business. Collectively, we are passionate about sustainability, protecting our planet and educating others about the many benefits that come with making healthier choices. We are all determined to make a difference to others’ lives and our planet.

We are passionate about showcasing our Australian Made & Owned Business along with the many benefits that come through using ‘Certified Organic’ products on the skin.

One can never truly appreciate those benefits until they use certified organic products for them self and see the visible difference.


Demi – Do you remember if you felt any fears starting your business? If so, what advice would you give to others?

Most definitely, I was fearful and we have had many sleepless nights. As humans, it’s second nature to second-guess ourselves, but it’s also important to remember that we’re only limited by the limitations we place upon ourselves. Our belief will determine if we succeed or not. I have a saying that has been said many times before:

therese kerr miranda kerr the divine company heels agency demi karan 1The only time we fail, is when we fail to try.

Another quote I love is:

I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, but then I realized, I am somebody.

We are all somebody, and we can all make a difference if we decide that is in fact what we want to do. Bring tenacity, determination and simply do whatever it takes, ask the universe to support your endeavours and if the universe is aligned, magic will almost always happen.


Demi – Looking back would you do anything different? And, what advice you would give others?

Most definitely! I would probably change many things, but most times you don’t know what you need to change until after the fact. Experience is simply the key. Everything we go through in some way is a gift, a lesson and we can either choose to see it like that or not. You simply just have to get up one more time when you’re down, and keep going.


Demi – What principles do you believe create strong work ethics?

I work with my husband and two other main Directors of our Company. Although Nick Allan is our appointed General Manager, we collectively make decisions about the business. We are all in the business together and like any business, leadership can be challenging at times. That’s why I believe, it’s important to always come from a space of integrity, fairness and love in business.

There’s no differentiation between my ethics and morals in my business or in my personal life. How I act in business is a reflection of who I am as a person, there is no degree of separation.


Demi – What would you say are some of the greatest challenges in business?

I would say that some of the biggest challenges we face in business are staffing, time and bookkeeping.

We often hear about business owners being consumed with HR issues, and I can completely relate to that. We all have such different personalities, as employers, we must be mindful of who we employ and how they will fit into our existing team to ensure we create the ideal environment for all to thrive.

The Divine Company is fully invested in each employee and encourages growth within every role throughout the business.

In order to succeed in business, you will have to go the extra mile, pour all your time and effort into building the business, as well as be prepared to do all those little things that others can’t or won’t do. It will take time and lots of it, it’s just the way it is.

Running a business also requires us, as the business owner, to carefully review and plan our finances. Most business owners are responsible for their own finances and management of budgets, and this can be challenging, especially during high growth periods.


Demi – Do you have anyone or anything that has inspired you on your journey? 

My parents owned hotels so I grew up in private enterprise. My parents were my heroes in my life (sadly, both have passed on). My mum was a very strong woman and I get a lot of my strength from my mum, much of my sense of humour and love of life comes from my dad. I was so blessed to have them as business role models, albeit for a very short period of my life.

I used to manage my parent’s hotel at the tender age of 16 when they would go overseas. They felt confident in my ability to do that and I am thankful for their guidance and for them entrusting me with such a role at such a young age. Mind you, back then even as a kid in busy times, my brothers and I would always jump in, serve beer and do whatever was needed to help out. It just came naturally to us.

therese kerr the divine company with miranda kerr kora demi karan heels agency

Therese and Miranda Kerr.


Demi – Tell us about the family interest in Certified Organic products?

As a family in the public eye, there has been much said about us, almost everything has been made up to grab a story line, and we understand that’s how the media works.

There has been so much said about Miranda and I, and myself “being in competition with Miranda”, nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, the media and people reading the gossip columns thrive on negativity, why? Because sadly, negativity sells. It used to affect us, but not anymore as we know the truth and we’ve learnt to not take it personally.

‘KORA Organics’ manufactures and creates beautiful Certified Organic Skincare for the Chemist and Health Food market. ‘The Divine Company’ manufactures and creates Certified Organic salon grade skincare for the Spa and Salon market. We also have a range of Certified Organic personal care products, our son and his partner have an organic restaurant in the Hunter Valley, this is who we are and what we love to do, we totally support one another. We are not in competition with own family, evidently, we all work within an industry we’re passionate about in total and complete harmony.


Demi – What are the benefits of a business partnership and would you recommend it?

Business partnerships are great for some people and not so great for others. When you’re in a business partnership, as time passes, there may be times when your vision for the business may not align with that of your partner’s. Therefore, depending on the structure of the partnership, you may not see the business turn out exactly how you had imagined it would and this may be for the better or may not.

Business partnerships can also be amazing, as each person brings a different skillset to the table. Working out if that skillset is needed, is vitally important. In many instances, a business partner can simply be a silent investor. It’s important in those instances, before the person invests that expectations are managed (as in any partnership) so that all parties are on the same page.

Ultimately, it’s very important to have clarity from the beginning in any business relationship and always maintain clear, open and honest communication.


Demi – So, what’s it like working with friends? Would you recommend joining forces with people you know?

Our business partners are our friends, and were friends before we became business partners. A lot of the time I don’t recommend this because I feel there has to be a level of authenticity and integrity for a friendship/business relationship to work.

Again, managing expectations, getting everything out on the table is vitally important ‘BEFORE’ any partnership in business is finalized.


Demi – We hear so much about business owners trying to balance their work and family life, what’s your experience on this topic?

I have to improve on this, most definitely. Although, I must say, I’m getting much better at taking time out and not working myself to death! I did that as an employee anyway so nothing much has changed.

I don’t get so caught up in the business now, and there still doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. I think it’s just a way of life.


Demi – As business owners, we usually can’t separate ‘business time’ from ‘family time’. How do you manage this and what effects has this had, if any, on your family?

therese kerr miranda kerr the divine company heels agency demi karan

Mathew, Miranda, John & Therese Kerr.

I have a very understanding and loving husband who I have been with from the age of 16. I was married at 17 (not sure how legal that was!) and we are still together to this day, so I think we kinda have it sorted by now. He is my fun guy, always organizing great, fun things for us to do together, he keeps us balanced and I allow him to do that.

I have worked full time since Matthew, our son was one-year-old and Miranda, was three and a half years of age. I have always dedicated myself to any role I undertook. That didn’t take a toll on my family, I think it took a toll on my health as I was trying to be everything to everyone, keep my house tidy, ironing up-to-date, be the best mum, the best wife and the list goes on. Sometimes we simply need to know that some things can wait and a basket of dirty washing left for a few days won’t kill us!


Therese’s journey has lead her and family on a path that she never imagined. Proud mother of, Miranda Kerr (Australian supermodel) and Matthew Kerr, wife of Johnny (married for over 35 years) says she has so much to be thankful for.

Demi –  Are you able to sum up what this all means to you and your family?

Yes, we have been blessed with an amazing family and so many wonderful things which are extremely grateful for. Life has a way of surprising you when you least expect it, and in most cases, in the most unexpected ways. We have been through many twists and turns and come to understanding that the most important thing in life is the wellness of our own family and that of others.


Demi – Why do you believe it’s so important to use ‘Certified Organic’ products?

Every choice we make is either moving us away from or toward health. Our skin will absorb on average 60% of everything we place upon it, in some instances our skin will absorb up to 100% of what we put on it. So what are we actually absorbing and how does that affect us?

Let’s discuss a well know ingredient, Fragrance. When a product contains the word fragrance (and almost every product on the market contains the word fragrance which according to the Breast Cancer Fund in America, that one word “fragrance” can contain up to 300 chemicals that never have to be disclosed on the label), and we put that product in our mouth or under our arms, research shows that our skin will absorb up to 100% of the product.

If we use perfume, Dr Carole Hungerford states, “The very thing a woman thinks makes her more feminine, wearing perfume and smelling pretty, is the very thing that is costing her, her femininity.” A very powerful statement, and one I hope that people do keep in mind.

Therefore, the move to ‘Certified Organic’ is important on so many fronts. We have poured a lot of time and done extensive research to ensure our products support, not hinder the skin or health in any way.

The Divine Company products don’t contain chemicals like conventional products which can result in weight gain and weight retention, caused by fat cells multiplying and reprogramming normal cells to become fat cells. They don’t contain cancer causing chemicals found in approximately 20% of all cosmetic products, exclude chemicals that impact our endocrine system (hormones) negatively, and yet provide results that are equivalent to, and in most cases even far superior to conventional products.

We are so proud of what we have created and how we continue to create.


Demi – What does an aspiring entrepreneur need to create the dream?

Belief, without it, it won’t just won’t happen!


Demi – Do you have any useful resources, handy tools or tips which have assisted you in your life/business?

Yes, I do. I strongly believe that your state of mind has a huge impact on everything you do and I recommend the following:

  1. Meditation.
  2. Positive mental attitude books.


Demi – What would you say are the three key things to keep in mind when it comes to business?

  1. You create your own reality – dream it, believe it, do it.
  2. Don’t give up – success is more often than not just around the corner.
  3. Dream big – the bigger the better. See and feel yourself where you want to be and meditate to bring it to fruition.

Therese Kerr shares her insights on business, wellness and life.

I love what I do because… It is my passion.

Never be afraid of… Trusting your instincts, they are generally right.

My greatest talent is… Loving people regardless of what they do to you… I always ask “What would love do now?”

My biggest challenge is… Slowing down.

I overcame that challenge by… Getting out of my head and into my heart.

When starting a business one must… Believe!

Most rewarding career moment so far… Being the CEO of my gorgeous daughter’s business and creating something magical for her.

Best gig… Sharing my passion with others at events.

I’ve loved… My husband literally for almost all of my life.

I never go to work without… My little dog Tykey, he is my darling.

Never underestimate… The determination and the ability of women to make the difference the world now needs.

I hope to one day… Work in a third world country with my children and grandchildren to help bring smiles to the faces of those who need it most.

In my spare time I like to… Get on the back of the KTM 1190 Adventurer motorbike and go off road with my husband, camp and have an open fire.

My favorite fashion designers are… I don’t really have any.

My favorite beauty products are… Our Divine Woman skincare, KORA Organics Tinted Moisturiser, Inika and Zuii, Ere Perez and Nudus Lipsticks!

Every girl needs… To love and be loved.

On perfection… It’s overrated.

On the look… Just be your beautiful self, you are beautiful just as you are.

On every day… Let your light shine.

On styling… Find your own kind of beautiful.

On attitude…Do or die and be nice.

On purpose… Find it and live it.

On living… Love your life.

I absolutely love… My family.

Happiness is… Being comfortable with who you are at a soul level. Being able to simply be you in all your glory and all your ridiculousness. Letting go of needing to look good or avoiding looking bad and simply just being.

Success means… Looking yourself in the eye knowing you have done your best.

What’s next… Who honestly knows… My poor husband doesn’t!

Living the dream means… Living my passion and sharing it with those I love.

Favourite Quote… Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead


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Thank you Therese Kerr for wholeheartedly sharing your magnificent journey with us and our readers. You are a divinely driven businesswoman who fully understands and lives purely in her purpose. You a truly beautiful inspiration for women all around the world. Love it! –  Demi Karan – CEO/Founder, Heels Agency

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