A luxury lifestyle range that embraces femininity and the art of self-care, The Naked Princess is a lingerie brand that looks to re-introduce women to the ritual of the boudoir.

Created by model and entrepreneur Jordana Woodland who took inspiration from her mother’s own morning ritual, The Naked Princess is all about appreciating the small but significant details of what it is to be a woman.

The brand’s aim is to highlight the beauty of femininity and remind women around the world to be present for themselves and appreciate the finer yet, important details of womanhood.

Using high end fabrics imported from the best and most luxurious spots worldwide, pieces are all individually crafted; hand-cut and hand-sewn in house at our Los Angeles design space.

With sensual lingerie, luxurious loungewear as well as custom designed beauty products and gifts that reflect the very essence of femininity, The Naked Princess is a brand that looks to celebrate every kind of woman and introduce the art of embracing the importance of the feminine culture.

Available online and stocked in specialty stores around the USA.


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