Live artist opened for Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Grammy Awards, Disney Channel, Bruce Lee’s 75th Anniversary, Hublot, worked with John Travolta, Mr. John Paul Dejoria, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Quincy Jones, Halle Berry, Eric Bana and a list of famous names.

A performance painter to the stars, Matteo Charles is a live ‘Inspirational Artist‘ who turns a blank canvas into a masterpiece in less than ten minutes. Self-taught from Sydney, Matteo is a highly sought after artist, creating spectacular pieces of art for numerous notable personalities, celebrities, world leaders, billionaires, astronauts and many others.

From the moment he picked up his first crayon and began to draw, a sense of calmness resonated from his soul each time he allowed imagination to take over. Spending hours developing his craft and harnessing the element of creativity within, Matteo continually sketched, painted, and expressed his feelings and thoughts through his communicative outlet of art.

matteo charles heels agency demi karan 16After overcoming devastating chronic disease, Australia’s own Matteo Charles fulfilled his dream of becoming a game changing artist, creating a movement for ‘Inspirational Artistry’.

Using a combination of high energy music, movement and artistry throughout his performances, Matteo’s intent is to deliver a truly memorable experience and create a genuine connection with his audience.

Heels Agency takes great pleasure in recognising business leaders who genuinely lead with their heart and not just their head. By acknowledging and honoring the human element of entrepreneurship, we not only create powerful leaders, but ones who inspire and motivate others on their journey.

Matteo Charles is definitely an innovative and inspiring leader who; by following his true calling in life, has achieved tremendous success. I recently caught up with the fearless and highly spirited Matteo Charles where he wholeheartedly opened up about his wondrous journey, becoming a global ‘Inspirational Artist‘, his take on art, business and living in one’s truth.

Unknown to me at the time, my art and ingenuity was my spiritual guidance preparing me for my later purpose in life.


Demi – Tell us who is Matteo Charles and what you love to do?

I utilise the platform of art to engage with my audience on a personal level, allowing the portraits become an introduction to the artist who is Matteo Charles.

Starting with a blank canvas, I create portraits live on stage within ten minutes. These portraits tell stories of their own; and the live performance, creates lasting memories for each audience member.

The viewers follow my inspirational story on stage that combines a life with pain, a near death experience and finally an artist who has been able to realise and live his purpose.

I consider myself blessed for being able to do what I love each and every day. I feel extremely fortunate and grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way, the many collaborations and painting for many of our global influencers such as Sir Michael Parkinson, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Mackie, Jay Abraham, Doug Ellin to mention a few, it’s been an amazing journey and I’ve only just began.


Demi What does being an artist mean to you and where did your passion come from?  

matteo charles heels agency demi karan 16Being an Artist is not “just a job” for me, it’s a lifestyle, a sense of being and way of life. Art has always been at the forefront of my life, ever since my early childhood you would find me either drawing, painting, sketching, expressing my feelings onto paper or canvas, Art has always put my soul at ease.


Demi – Was being an artist the dream? Did you have any business experience? How did this artistic business concept come about?

I actually wanted to become an animator for Disney, I still have the letter from Disney replying to my Job application stating that I needed more experience, but to keep working on my art. I also had quite a bit of business experience, having owned and operated a number of companies in my earlier years.

However, I never intended on becoming a professional artist, but when something is your purpose it will eventually present itself to you and the way will be painted (no pun intended).

The live performance painting concept came about from my passion for music, I was actually a DJ, so it made perfect sense to combine music, performance and art.


Demi – How would you describe your position in the marketplace? What would you say is the distinctive style about your work/pieces?

Painting portraits live on stage in ten minutes – whilst captivating and holding the attention of large audiences with my art and story, that’s my unique place within this space.

My live ‘Inspirational Artistry‘ performance style is ideally suited to Charity, Guest Speaking, Entertainment and Business Events, as well as Seminars, Private Functions and Award Ceremonies, such as ‘The Grammy Awards‘ where I recently performed at the after-party.

My style is distinctive in the way of its raw and very “non-traditional” art, my technique is somewhere in between pop art and realism with a ‘Matteo twist‘.


Demi – Many believe it’s too hard to turn an artistic passion into a business. How did you go about it and would you recommend it?

It’s definitely not easy, nor is waking up every morning at 6am to commute for hours to a job you don’t love. In life, everything depends on how bad you want to live your passion and purpose.

I faced death, so that pain was a driver for me. I promised myself that once I had won the biggest battle of my life (being sick), that I would pursue the one thing that always put my soul at ease especially through my dark times and that was ‘ART‘.

If you have a passion in life, or there’s something that ignites the fire within, something that makes your soul glow every time you talk about it to your friends, then go and do that.

I’m a huge believer of the law of attraction; which is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. Whether you believe it or not, when you immerse yourself wholly into something, things start to show up relating to that particular thing you never thought would have been possible.

Always look for the signs and what you’re being pulled towards!

matteo charles heels agency demi karanIf someone would have told me whilst laying in a hospital bed many years ago that I would be painting portraits live on stage around the globe for the most influential people, there’s no way I would have believed them. But, I always knew ‘ART‘ would be play a big part of my journey and it always has.


Demi – Many ‘wonna be’ entrepreneurs struggle to gain the confidence needed to actually start a business. How did you start your business and what advice would you give?

I had a very clear path and blue print of where I wanted to position my brand and to date, I have not steered away from that. I believe all entrepreneurs should choose to do something that they’re good at, select the lane they want to travel in, and then just go for it. Start small, build your business slowly, and stay true to who you are and the message you want your business to send.

I have a saying and it’s:  Simply StART


Demi – Do you remember if you felt any fear? If so, what advice would you give to others in this situation?

Art was viewed as a hobby! I was repeatedly told that ‘ART‘ is not a “real job”, and that one cannot make money from ‘ART‘. So the fear factor was in play from the start.

Fortunately, I use fear as fuel to prove people wrong. Having been faced with death, I have a new perspective on fear and now look at it as just a word, a bunch of letters which humans have unfortunately attached with a negative outcome.

Sure, there will always be some fear, it’s part of human conditioning. However, if one can acknowledge it, quickly destroy it, and get on with it, the sooner one will be able to fulfil their life purpose.

I use fear to my advantage.


Demi – Looking back would you do anything different? And, what advice would you give others?

Looking back now, I truly wish I had begun my ‘ART‘ journey earlier. Unfortunately, I conformed and listened to others instead of paying attention to what I really wanted to do.

I would suggest listen to your soul and what it screams for you to do, and then do that!

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and my ill health was preparing me for who and where I am today.

matteo charles heels agency demi karan 60BUSINESS BENEFITS

Demi – What would you say are some of the benefits of running your own show?

I actually do like to sleep, so not having to get up at a certain time every day is a huge bonus. There are many other benefits, and some not so beneficial elements to running your own business and being your own boss, and it will differ for each individual person.

For me ‘ART‘ is a way of life, so I don’t “clock on” and “clock off” at any certain time. I’m always working, but I love what I do and it makes it all worthwhile.

Art is my life! I am living my passion and purpose! This outweighs any and all hiccups I may face along the way.


Demi – What are some of the greatest challenges of being the ‘talent’ and ‘business owner’?

Being the ‘Performer‘ and the ‘Founder‘ sometimes poses an issue, it’s wise to separate the two when dealing with clients. You want to create and maintain the persona, whilst ensuring you run your business as a business.

Thankfully, I have successfully managed to build a strong team that handles all the business side of things, which allows me to concentrate on creating.


Demi – Do you have anyone that has inspired you on your journey? 

Mentors are important, there are always people that will know more than you and that’s a good thing.

You have to find people that believe in you and want to grow with you.

I have had many mentors, but Bruce Lee was, and still is a huge source of inspiration, especially whilst growing up and being a Martial Arts practitioner.

And, I was absolutely elated to perform at the celebration of ‘Bruce Lee’s 75th Anniversary’ in Hong Kong recently, where I was honored to meet his daughter Shannon and wife Linda, a truly spectacular and memorable moment.


Demi – What are the key points to keep in mind which have served you well over the years?

The key elements that have served me well personally are:

Staying true to who I am, what my brand represents, and following the path that “feels right”.

I have never conformed as an artist, especially with my style of ‘ART‘. It’s clearly not traditional and breaks a lot of rules in the art world, but it has worked for me thus far.


Demi – Who was your first celebrity piece? Did you feel any additional pressure?

matteo charles heels agency demi karan 38Sir Michael Parkinson (Parky) was the first celebrity portrait I painted live, with him in the room. To be honest, I didn’t feel too much pressure as… well… I didn’t really know who he was.

I found out after the event that he was the ‘Talk Show King‘ of the UK, interviewing everyone from Muhammad Ali to Madonna and all the big names. It was probably a blessing in disguise given it was my first live performance.


Demi – How do feel about working live on a stage? What advice would you give about being on stage in front of an audience?

It’s quite funny, I have some weeks to months to prepare for an event prior to delivering the final ‘LIVE‘ portrait in ten minutes. However, I still get nervous each and every time just before I walk out on stage. It all happens so quickly, the adrenaline kicks in, the nerves disappear and before I know it, I’m back in the ‘green room’ recapping the event.

The thing that calms my nerves the most is my team. I know that I have their full support, and that they will have everything in place for me. I really count on them, and they always deliver – that puts me at ease and allows me to get on with my job.

My advice for the newbies to the stage is;

Find something that relaxes you before you go on stage, and make sure you have a great support team in place.


Demi – What’s the best advice you’ve received for business and/or life?

The best advice I have received is;

No matter how successful you become, how much money you make, stay humble and true to who you are.


Demi – What advice would you give to others starting a business?

If you can explain your business in 60 seconds, you are on the right path and everything else will stem from there.

If you don’t understand your business, service, product, then your clients definitely won’t!

Never allow your ego or emotion to over throw your intelligence as a leader or within your business making decisions.


Demi – What advice would you give new artists?

I believe everyone is an artist in one form or another, whether you’re a chef, builder or fashion designer, etc. – we all deliver “ART” through our own unique platform.

Find your market, your niche and focus your energy there.

As for ‘ART‘ specifically, try to create a style that’s distinctively you. Find your niche, a style that stands out from the rest, one that instantly screams out who you are as an artist, without explanation. If you can do that, you’re on the way to building something truly exceptional.


matteo charles heels agency demi karan‘My Disease, My Teacher’ is based on true events lived by author Matteo Charles. Diagnosed with an incurable disease, Matteo Charles thought his life was over as he knew it.

Demi – Tell me about your book and what inspired you to write it?

My book, “My Disease, My Teacher” is based on my own life experiences and how I constantly felt “different” when I was growing up, so unsure about my place in the world and finding refuge in ‘ART‘.

My inspiration behind the book was to reach the silent sufferers of the world, to give them back a voice, freedom of speech that was taken away from them through fear and manipulation.

I really hope my story resonates with readers and connects with them on a deeper personal level or helps someone they know who should be heard.

Fighting his hardest opponent (himself) in the biggest match of his life, Matteo defied the odds, faced death, and proved that giving up wasn’t an option.

My Disease, My Teacher without inspiration, there’s only desperation” b


Demi – What advice would give someone who aspires to write and publish a book?

Write a book with purpose! Don’t write a book to become rich and famous, or to say you’re an author, write a book with the intention of serving others. I believe when there’s love and good intent behind anything one does, the universe works in ways to bring it to fruition.

It’s simple, let the book guide you and the rest will happen when it needs to.

It’s not always to our timing, but when the time is right, your book will find its way into the hands of the right person, just when they need it the most. Your words may be exactly what someone needs to hear at that particular moment in their life. For me, it’s about speaking truthfully, from one soul to another, and if I can make a positive impact on another’s life, I have fulfilled my purpose.


Demi – What’s your take on this topic and what advice would you give?

I’m probably not the best person to give advice in this department, I’m always creating in some form or another. My mind just doesn’t stop.

It’s a way of life for me! Those closest to me totally understand, and are as passionate about what I do as much as I am.

My only advice would be, listen to your body and read the signs life is sending you. If you’re overworked or your business starts affecting your relationships, health etc… you will know, be conscious of it, and adjust accordingly. Its simple!


Demi – As business owners, we usually can’t separate ‘business time’ from ‘family time’. How do you manage this and what effects has this had, if any, on your family?

It’s important to separate the two in my opinion, and know when to switch on and off, even if it’s for a short while.

You only live once! Yes, it’s important to give it your all when starting a business, but it’s also important to manage the relationships with the people you love and who love you as they will be the ones by your side in the hospital bed, believe me I know.

Find the right partner, team and support network!


Demi – It seems you have managed to beautifully combine your entrepreneurial and artistic dreams into your journey. Are there any other big dreams in the works?

I have some really cool international ventures in the pipeline including major events, collaborations, and TV Appearances.

There are some big dreams that I will paint into reality within the next 12 months. I have painted and opened for Millionaires, Billionaires, World Leaders, Astronauts, Hollywood Royalty and I’m just getting started.

My next chapter will see me do things that people will never expect an “artist” is capable of. So, what does this consist of?

Well, I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to see how the next masterpiece unfolds.


Demi – What does an aspiring entrepreneur need to create the dream?

P-A-S-S-I-O-N Through the good and bad, true PASSION will keep you going.


Demi – Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey!

Creative, determined and passionate about everything he does, Matteo Charles shares some insights about art, business and life.

I love what I do because… It’s my purpose.

Never be afraid of… Anything, everything has a solution.

My greatest talent is… I never give up.

Average time on a portrait… Ten minutes live (weeks – months of preparation).

My biggest challenge is… I am my own worst critic.

I overcame that challenge by… Endless practice.

When starting a business one must… Have a why? The journey becomes easier if you know why.

Most rewarding career moment so far… Releasing my book ‘My Disease, My Teacher”.

Best gig… Grammy’s after party held at the Playboy Mansion Los Angeles 2015.

I’ve loved… Being reborn.

I never go to work without… Coffee.

Never underestimate… Yourself.

I hope to one day… Perform Live for the Dalai Lama.

In my spare time I like to… Sleep.

My favourite pieces are … Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe & Einstein.

My favorite artist is… Matteo Charles!

Every man needs… A dog.

On perfection… Don’t aim for it you’ll never reach it. Set your own versions of perfection and aim for that.

On style… My style of Art is raw, real and filled with emotion.

On every day… Be grateful daily, show compassion and love, it costs nothing.

On painting… Painting is my savior, the one place that I allow my being to just be.

On attitude… Your attitude will determine your outcome in everything you do. Your choice!

On living… Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

I absolutely love… When inspiration strikes.

Happiness is… A state of mind.

Success means… Nothing, fulfillment means everything.

Living the dream means… Never waking up.

My favorite quote is… The earth without “ART” is just “EH”.

On purpose… When it finds you, take the bull by the horns and make it your mission to share it with the world. If you haven’t met your purpose yet, don’t stress you will.

Available for gigs such as… Charity events, Product launches, TV Appearances, Corporate Events, Sporting half-time entertainment, Keynote speaking engagements, festivals etc.

What’s next… Monumental ‘ART’ Movement like never witnessed before.


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Thank you Matteo Charles for openly sharing your extraordinary journey with us and our readers. You are a vibrant source of inspiration for all men and women, proving that living in one’s truth, being your authentic self, listening and following your heart, does lead to success in all areas of life. They say that “creativity takes courage”, and you’ve got lots of that! Love it and can’t wait to see what’s next for you! –  Demi Karan – CEO/Founder, Heels Agency

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