Bursting onto the Melbourne fitness scene in 2010, KX Pilates was established by founder Aaron Smith in a response to his own life changing experiences with dynamic Pilates in the United Kingdom.

KX stands for the Kaizen experience, which is Japanese for ‘change for the better’, a clear reflection of the company’s ideal to make a significant and positive change in client and employee lives by empowering them to reach their full potential.

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Aaron Smith – CEO/Founder, KX Pilates

Aaron is the Founder & CEO of the KX Group. With first-hand experience from his overseas travels, Aaron saw an opportunity to create, adapt and improve the fitness industry with an ever evolving boutique workout style that ambitiously combines creative flare with a modern sense of style.

Business is meant to be fun. If you are in business and not having fun, no matter how much money you earn, then you are failing.

KX Pilates values are to create respectful relationships, keep vibrant positivity throughout daily life, to maintain innovation and to go further.

As of September 2016, KX Pilates has opened 31 studios over 4 states, effectively doubling its size in the past 12 months, and is looking to expand further in the next few years, nationally. KX has quickly established itself as a leading franchise in the competitive fitness scene, only further paving the way for boutique studios.

With consistent and reliable support, from initial training to ongoing personal development and administrative support KX is looking to take on potential passionate members of their growing business.

Why choose KX Pilates as a franchise?

  • Location advice / site identification
  • Studio design and construction
  • Extensive training programs
  • All IP and design templates
  • National/State marketing
  • Program training and development
The KX Pilates family is looking forward to welcoming new and exciting additions.

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