A brand focused on craftsmanship, designed specifically for men, Hunter Lab have crafted a skincare range and tools to remedy man’s unique skincare needs.

It may seem obvious but as men our skin composition differs significantly from that of women and must be treated accordingly.

Stronger hormones have a very pronounced effect. Men produce increased levels of oil and have larger sweat glands, thickening and strengthening the skin but making it more difficult to effectively deliver oxygen and hydration to the skin’s deepest layers.

Focused on building upon the traditional grooming experience, Hunter Lab products are high quality, natural and environmentally sustainable.

Believing that the health of a person’s skin reflects the health of their being, Hunter Lab’s products are free from chemicals such as pore-blocking silicones, sulfates and parabens, only focusing on including naturally derived ingredients to ensure healthy skin that maintains longevity by fighting the signs of ageing.

Hunter Lab has been created for the modern man with ambition, motivation and who takes pride in his appearance in his fast-paced lifestyle.

Hunter Lab aims to reinvigorate the marketplace by providing skincare solutions which set the benchmark for men interested in healthy living.

With signs of improvement being shown in as little as twelve hours after use, Hunter Lab has created a product specifically targeted to men, breaking away from the repackaged feminine products that flood today’s market.

With modern, sleek packaging and presentation, Hunter Lab is guaranteed to be a welcome and stylish addition to any bathroom.


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