British Made Writing Instruments and Watches, Capra NV is a luxurious brand combining decades of high-level manufacturing knowledge and skill to deliver the ultimate in craftsmanship.

This fine collection of unique and stylish writing instruments and watches has been meticulously designed and produced in England based on unparalleled Formula 1 technology.

Crafted over a period of eight weeks with vigorous testing, each Capra NV writing instrument is carefully considered and created with the best available materials and world class tooling.

With key elements carefully researched such as aesthetic design, ergonomic fit, manufacturing techniques and material analysis, Capra NV delivers first-rate writing instruments that look impressive and extremely functional.

With a family background in Formula 1, component manufacturing and engineering, Capra NV founders Vanita and Nitul strive to create products that will not only stand the test of time, but will compliment any and every occasion.


All Capra NV products are designed and made in England via highly skilled operations utilising the following high-grade materials:

  • Aluminium-Managanese alloy –  an alloy used in motor racing cars.
  • Stainless steel – a molybdenum alloy with a small percentage of Titanium.
  • Carbon Fibre – fibres composed mostly of carbon atoms weaved together.
  • Sustarin® – a high performance engineering polymer that offers many beneficial physical characteristics including exceptionally high mechanical strength and rigidity.
  • Inconel superalloys – used in motor racing exhaust systems where the components are subjected to extreme pressures and heat
  • Gold – Capra uses a specific type 24K carat gold that is specially hardened with cobalt to retain lustre and also give the metal a hardness to resist wear.
  • Enamelling – an ancient technology used by the Romans for decorative jewellery and ornamental vases. The technique of applying the enamel is artisanal and applied by hand.

Capra NV – British Made Luxury Writing Instruments and Watches produced using world class material and manufacturing.


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