A fresh blend of traditional Belgium dishes with a modern day twist, Maison Mathis delivers rich diverse flavours from the very heart of Europe.

All good food comes with a story passed on from generation to generation reminiscent of its people and traditions, Maison Mathis shares journey.

A unique F&B concept, Maison Mathis pays tribute to the rich heritage of Belgian food culture. Inspired by the best of many European cuisines, it’s a place where we treasure and share our culinary legacy. Just like our grandmothers did, and their grandmothers before them, we continue to honour Belgian love of good food.

Why… because it has ‘joie de vivre’ to offer; the pleasure of enjoying life, the joy of sharing good times and beautiful things. From breakfast to lunch, over afternoon coffee to takeaway, discover the true taste of Europe.

Savour the inviting atmosphere … and prepare yourself for a rich concept with huge potential on the international market.

The Maison Mathis franchise currently exists in two versions, the ‘Maison Mathis Restaurant‘ and the ‘Maison Mathis Market‘.

Maison Mathis Restaurant – is the most elaborate version of the Maison concept. Consisting of a full range menu for all day dining, full seating capacity including a lounge and terrace.

Maison Mathis Market – is a smaller version of the Restaurant and focuses more on take away and delivery. The location is smaller but still inviting people to sit down and have a quick lunch or coffee. The Maison Market functions best in business and high traffic areas.

Why Choose a Maison Mathis Franchise

  • Distinctive high quality formula.
  • Intensive training for all staff members.
  • Regular follow up and on-going support.
  • Strong branding within the marketplace.
  • Proven concept with existing operational outlets.
  • Easy rollout with healthy investment conditions.
  • Huge growth potential in the international marketplace.
  • Over 15 years’ experience in the F & B franchise business.
  • Flexible format to suite location & local market expectations.
  • Dedicated support team for marketing, branding, food, operations and interior design.


The Maison Mathis family is looking forward to welcoming new and exciting additions.

Please contact us below for further Maison Mathis franchise details.


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