On why Jaimie Hilfiger, niece of Tommy Hilfiger is the Spokesmodel for her prestigious beauty collection, La Curcio and how her passion for skincare has grown into a global brand.

Jacki Curcio is an Anti-Aging Skin & Beauty expert, a nationally renowned and published Health & Beauty writer in the USA and shares her extensive forty year journey in pursuit of clean skincare products that deliver results.
Jaimie Hilfiger with Jacki Curcio - CEO/Founder, La Curcio

Jaimie Hilfiger with Jacki Curcio – CEO/Founder, La Curcio

La Curcio is a Prestige Beauty Brand consisting of a collection of Ultra Luxe cutting edge products with leading edge results unlike anything else we have experienced. This advanced skincare range is designed to prolong your natural beauty by enhancing your own uniquely radiant skin and leaving it feeling healthier.

Like ‘Jewels’ for the skin, the collection is suitable for ALL skin types of ALL ages, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s+ in mind. Each superior anti-aging and youth extending skincare product is state of the art, clean and made with naturally derived plant ingredients. Products are Multi-Functional, Paraben & Phthalate Free with No Artificial Dyes or Fragrances. All items come in Luxurious Recyclable Containers and are Made in the USA.

Jacki a wife, mother of three and glam mom to four believes that we are not defined by a number and invites everyone to visibly improve, maintain, transcend and be timeless with La Curcio Beauty Collections. We caught with the multi-talented Jacki to find out a little more about her passion for beauty, expansive entrepreneurial journey and collaboration with famous Model, Fashion & Beauty Icon, Jaimie Hilfiger.


Jaimie Hilfiger for La Curcio

La Curcio is The Ultimate Brand. A skin and beauty company offering luxurious and conscience products with Superior Results. – Jaimie Hilfiger – Model, Fashion & Beauty Icon, La Curcio Spokesmodel.

Business Ambition
I believe that every single one of us is truly beautiful in our own distinctive way and I set out to celebrate and enhance this beauty with an exquisite skincare range.

I am a strong believer that we are all born with unique gifts that are as diverse as each of us and this led me to a lifelong pursuit of developing my own Philosophies & Theories on how to Create & Maintain a healthier more significant youthfulness.

I’ve always been aware since my teens that our generation would spearhead both length and quality of life like never seen before.

I just knew I had to be an intricate part of the process and contribute to the quality of life. My passion was to become an expert and one of the best in my field which helped shape my short and long term goals and this has been a dream come true. I am ‘My Brand’ and that excites me as I truly believe that we’re not getting older, just better. If we can look and feel great at any age, the number just doesn’t matter.

Business Startup

Just start. Anywhere. Follow your primary interest firstly and see where that leads you. Do it your way. Experience working with or for brands that resonate with you to get a feel for your primary fit and become the BEST, period.

Regardless of where you start, if you’re truly committed with laser focus, success will happen.

Business Start

I started in Skincare & Makeup, followed by Health & Fitness and Nursing & Healthcare for 13 years. I then attended College for Skincare & Makeup, started my own business with Skin & Body Care services along with retailing my very own brand of Skin & Body Care products.

I made a simple plan to start small and felt I had a lifetime in front of me to accomplish my goals. I purchased equipment, chose a perfect location to begin and rented space in a full service salon to get the hands on experience I needed and immediately became involved in retailing my own skincare products.

During that period, I was also a contributing Health & Beauty writer for the International Dermascope Magazine which lead me to develop an exclusive Skin, Cosmetic, Medical & Wellness Spa Centre.

Whilst all this happening, Lancôme also approached me to work at their Beauty Institute which would have been a wonderful opportunity, but something kept telling me to do my own thing and I decided to listen.

Give everything you feel a pull towards a go as you never know where it will lead you. I went from writing my own Skincare Column for our City Newspaper, to launching an Ultimate Cutting Edge Beauty Collection. Anything is possible!

Business Fears

Yes, it was frightening… but I just did it anyway!

I had my own ideas, my own vision, philosophies and theories. Who else would give me free reign to grow exponentially and evolve my concept…  ultimately it would be me so I started straight out of school.

I was thrilled and quite frozen at the thought of taking on the responsibility of starting and developing my own brick and mortar full service and retail business especially as a single mum. I suspected it wouldn’t be for the faint of heart but again, I did it anyway.

A burning passion and desire to create your vision really is the answer.

Some people will laugh, put you down, tell you you’re doing it all wrong. You don’t need their approval or their input, if you’re laser focused with a clear vision and know in your heart it’s right for you, it will all work out.

La Curcio Collections featured in Beauty pages of VOGUE, ELLE, Harper's BAZAAR, GLAMOUR, TATLER, BRIDES and many more...

La Curcio Collections featured in Beauty pages of VOGUE, ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR, GLAMOUR, TATLER, BRIDES and many more…

Business Regrets

Always. Always. Always listen to your instincts no matter what. If you’re about to make an important decision about anything regarding your business or personal life for that matter, take a huge step back, take your time and listen to yourself. Try to keep in mind that if:

  • It doesn’t feel right it’s probably not in your best interest.
  • It’s not coming together, don’t force it to happen as there’s probably a good reason for it. Just let it go.
  • You find yourself caring majority of the weight, that you share the responsibility with your team.
Business Benefits

Ultimately, complete freedom in every way with unlimited potential for growth if you choose to do the work. Yes, that does come with tremendous responsibilities, but that’s part of the deal and it’s worth it. The feeling of creating and accomplishing something of tremendous value is priceless regardless of the size or reach.

Business Challenges

Developing a great and well trusted inner circle of people. For me I would have to say the integrity of my staff at the heart of who they really are as people are the most important traits I look for and more so than their level of skill.

Staff integrity is definitely more important than skill.

Skills can be taught and developed. Having the right people who share the same vision and enthusiasm on your team is key. As well their level of commitment to Work, Yourself & the Brand to ensure the highest levels of Quality, Quality, Quality.

Business Influences

COCO CHANEL. She has been my idol since I was a young girl. Through the roughest of global times she has stood the test of time. A single woman with an incredibly unique vision, style, and determination… she did it all her way. Her classic style continues to be legendary.

Advice Received

Honestly, I’ve pretty much been on my own throughout this entrepreneurial process. Thankfully, times have changed and there is so much support available today for those seeking to start a business and that’s great to see. The key beliefs that I lived by during my journey and would like to share are:

  • Think creatively.
  • Make a difference.
  • Explore all interests to find your niche.
  • Create something of tremendous value.
  • It’s a balance not a race to have it all.
  • Dedicate yourself to the ultimate benefit of others.
  • Always. Always. Always help others reach their dreams.
What Does It Take

Courage and Conviction. The courage to start up and the conviction to get back up when you make mistakes and have defeats. You must always be able to re-commit to Yourself, the Goal and the Dream.

And if the risks are too great or you’re not completely certain about the investment either personally or financially, make sure you’re sure.  Always sum up the worst case scenario to ensure you are aware of all possible outcomes.

The ability to ride the waves personally and professionally.  That is what separates those who are getting by and those who succeed. – Jacki Curcio

 Media Advice

  • Jaimie Hilfiger featuring La Curcio Beauty Collection for BRIDES Magazine.

    Jaimie Hilfiger featuring La Curcio Beauty Collection for BRIDES Magazine.

    Develop a superb Website and Market it.

  • Network where you can meet different media & business people.
  • Show up, be a stand out in every way and every day.  I mean personally.
  • Get connected with other businesses and create cross promotions.
  • Get involved in relevant giveaways to build your client base and create a wider brand awareness.
  • Connect with Bloggers and if you can write start your own Blog.
  • Attend industry events and connect with all media platforms.
  • Collaborate with other businesses who receive high press coverage.
  • Charity Events are always great as it’s an opportunity to contribute and promote your products and services.
  • Stay connected with magazine editors should any relevant features or promotions pop up.
Brand Positioning

Everything! Every detail needs to clearly state what your products and company stand for, especially for a global brand like La Curcio. It all needs to communicate your story in a clear and concise way.

Everything! Meaning… Your Spokesmodel, Products, Performance, Packaging, Story, etc.

Jaimie Hilfiger represents the Joy and freshness of Youth, a stunningly beautiful woman inside and out with great values and extensive experience in Fashion & Beauty who acknowledges the importance of getting on board at every age to Preserve, Enhance, Prevent & Maintain your Beauty for a Lifetime.

We are a Purely Luxurious Prestige Global Beauty Brand for every age and every skin type. La Curcio is dedicated to the ultimate benefit of others, aligned and retailed next to highly established longtime and contemporary prestige beauty brands such as Lancôme, Guerlain, Estée Lauder, Clarins, Dr. Brandt and more.

La Curcio is positioned as one of the market leaders in Skincare and this has led to many amazing opportunities such as acquiring Jaimie Hilfiger as our Spokesmodel and being invited and featured in the Beauty pages of British VOGUE Magazine, ELLE UK, Harper’s BAZAAR UK, British GLAMOUR, TATLER, BRIDES and many more Women’s influential magazines…

Choosing ‘The Face’

Yes, let me share why I chose Ms. Jaimie Hilfiger as the Face and Spokesmodel for La Curcio.

Jaimie’s lifestyle and experience with Fashion & Beauty has given her a unique insight, understanding and appreciation of skincare that fits perfectly with the LA CURCIO Brand Message. We’re both strong believers in Improving, Enhancing, Maintaining, Preventing and Preserving your unique beauty for a lifetime.

Jaimie Hilfiger is a powerful and soft woman all at the same time… love her essence! – Jacki Curcio

Jaimie is also the perfect Brand Ambassador as she’s a great representation of her generation, women at a similar stage in their life that embody the same interests and concerns.

It was clear from our first chat and meeting that we were both in complete sync. We had a genuine and mutual understanding of one another’s vision and exactly what we wanted to accomplish with the collection.

A natural beauty in every sense Jaimie exemplifies what I feel is OUR ideal Beauty Brand Spokesmodel and Icon. A Beautiful Heart and Soul, Magnificent Mind, Savvy, Kind and Truly Caring in Every Way.

Jaimie Hilfiger – The Face

Coming from the world of modelling has changed her relationship with skincare. Jaimie Hilfiger the American heiress, socialite, model and entrepreneur with the famous family name is forging her own path in beauty, fashion and business.

jaimie-hilfiger-demi-karan-heels-agency-29Not resting on her laurels and a modelling career that started at a young age, the niece of American fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, armed with a bachelor’s degree who pursued modelling with the intent of more than walking runways and sitting for photographers in mind — has had her eye on fashion and beauty beyond the runway and is now set to make her own mark in the industry.

Her long time experience sitting in makeup chairs was an education on the value of good skincare which also led to a deeper understanding of products and their effects on the skin. After years of trial and error, Jaimie has finally found the perfect skincare products which she has personally had a hand in perfecting and shares her beauty secrets with women all around world with her luxury skincare collection the JH Collection by La Curcio.

What inspired the partnership with La Curcio?

I wanted to partner with a company that fit everyone’s skincare needs. It’s a great time to start with La Curcio. Whether you’re 20 or 70, you will see results and cumulative effects.

What do you wish people knew about taking care of their skin?

I wish that people knew about the harmful chemicals and “fragrances” that many companies add to their products and were more concerned about the negative effects this causes in later years.

What is your vision and plan for your La Curcio line?

Skincare is constantly evolving. That’s the beauty of it. My concept is to Introduce specialty luxury products that are functional. Our combined ideas are endless with many new products coming soon.

Hope you enjoy the following inspirational insights from Jacki Curcio.

I love what I do because… It’s positive and creative. It celebrates an individual’s life and natural beauty.

Never be afraid of… Anything.

My greatest talent is… Instinctively caring for others.

Most rewarding career moment so far… When British VOGUE reached out to Invite LA CURCIO BEAUTY into their Family & Pages, followed with invitations from ELLE UK, Harper’s BAZZAR UK, BRIDES UK, British GLAMOUR and when Tatler Surprised me with the HER Majesty The Queen’s Birthday Cover featuring our La Curcio Luminous I Day Cream as Most Wanted.

Best gig … Now. Having accomplished my ultimate life’s work.

I never go to work without… Looking my best and being fully prepared for the work.

Never underestimate… The determination and heart of a caring woman.

I hope to one day… Fulfill my life’s purpose, not sure where that will ultimately lead.

My favorite fashion designers are… Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana.

My favorite beauty products are… Truly, La Curcio Beauty Collections. I’ve covered it all and better than anyone.

Every girl needs… To realize she is uniquely beautiful!

On perfection… In your work, paramount.

On the look… Bright and always shine.

On every day… A new opportunity, a new and exciting adventure!

On trends… Set your own.

On attitude… If you think it, you can create it.

In life… When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

On purpose… Contribute and make a real difference as far and wide as possible.

I absolutely love… GOD. Life. Everything including nature and animals.

Happiness is… Love, kindness and uplifting someone.

Success means… Dedicating one’s work to the Ultimate Benefit of others.

What’s next… Endless new products and collections to help everyone experience the joy of realizing their own unique beauty timelessly.

Living the dream means… Living your life’s full potential and purpose and sharing as much a s possible.

My favorite quote is… “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself ALOUD.” – Coco Chanel.

What’s New

We’re very excited about our upcoming ‘Signature Collection’ and moisture rich ‘Night Repair Cream’. It’s still in the works and a little hush, hush!

Also our fabulous Jaimie Hilfiger Collection Phase III Makeup will be launched in the New Year 2017. Can’t tell you too much just yet, but definitely worth checking out.

Your Advice
  • Passion and Dedication.
  • Others Before Yourself.
  • Listen to Everyone.
  • Be True to Who You Are.
  • Be Willing to Make Sacrifices.
Sum It Up

Be Brilliant! Your own personal insight, a Brilliant understanding which transforms something ordinary into something Extraordinary. – XOXO Jacki Curcio, Founder/CEO – La Curcio

Transcend, enhance and breathe new life into your skin for the timeless beauty you deserve with La Curcio Beauty Collections.
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Thank you Jacki Curcio for sharing your spirited journey with us and our readers. We believe you are a truly magnificent inspiration for all women of all ages determined, driven & deeply devoted. – Demi Karan – CEO/Founder, Heels Agency

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