Collection of writing instruments and watches with Formula 1 technology.

man-1366x500-1Capra NV is a British Luxury company which combines decades of high-level manufacturing knowledge and skill to deliver the ultimate in craftsmanship.

This new collection of unique and stylish writing instruments and watches has been meticulously designed and produced in England based on unparalleled Formula 1 technology.

Capra NV have a 5 generation family history of being engineers and a family business which spans over 30 years of manufacturing components for world championship winning Formula 1 teams.

Ground breaking technology and sophisticated design is at the heart of Formula 1 , considerable skill and experience is needed to manufacture the complex components made of exotic super alloys and rare metals.

Engineering is in our DNA, using our extensive knowledge and skills we are able to design and manufacture luxurious Capra products made in England. – Vanita Dhand-Panchal – Founder

They are bringing their knowledge and skills developed whilst supplying Grade A components to the Formula 1 motor industry to create something truly distinctive. Each and every product is designed and produced with exceptional attention to detail.

Capra NV products combine luxury with functionality delivering the finest of instruments. All pieces are created with cutting edge manufacturing techniques, first-rate materials and examined in detail to ensure an exceptional experience.


Capra NV – Luxury you will love!

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Please follow LINK to read about Vanita Dhand-Panchal (Founder – Capra NV) journey.

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